Bret Melton, Realtor / RENE

Born in Charlotte to a big family full of love, Bret Melton left the nest to earn a business degree at Five Town College just outside New York City.  With the opportunity of a paying job (and not just another internship), he moved to Florida a few years after graduation.  As soon as his feet hit the ground, he knew he'd be a Floridian for life!  Bret's job paid well but wasn't fulfilling him in other areas.  He'd always wanted to try Real Estate because of his love for people and architecture, but he wasn't sure if sales was right for him.  After investigating, he came to understand that Real Estate us mostly about relationships and serving people, something Bret always took great pride in.  In 2015, he decided to jump into Real Estate and has since grown a network of mortgage lenders, real estate and title attorneys and other professionals to assist him with caring for his clients.  Bret has earned the designation of Certifed Negoitations Expert and hangs his hat on his ability to help all sides of a transaction walk away feeling satisfied.  When Bret is not working, he enjoys volunteering at his church, traveling, eating out at his favoriate seafood resturants, and playing with his two dogs Sammie and Buddy.